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  • A day in Cradle Mountain

    When you look for pictures of Tasmania in tourist magazines, on Google, or Lonely planet books the picture you get every time is this: the boatshed in Cradle Mountain.

    Cradle Mountain is THE must see in Tasmania. I was lucky enough to be with generous hosts who offered to get Nami (who’s doing Helpx at the neighbors’), drove us there for the day and even prepared sandwiches and fruits for us! We were so excited we had trouble sleeping the day before, and almost screamed when we arrived on the carpark. There are several walks you can do there, but as you know I hate climbing, I don’t really fancy hiking and Nami was feeling like me. Walking on flat? Yes, for hours if you want. Climbing? No.Way.

    We followed the good advice and chose to do the Dove Lake walk. It takes about 2 hours and it’s a circuit around the main lake in Cradle. Perfect for us! The walk was amazing, we took all of our time (4 hours…hem), stopping often to have a look, admire the scenery, take a break.

    We even took a little detour and went on the Lake Wilks road, which is going up, is very bushy but not too difficult for lazy girls like us. We really enjoyed it a lot: you have to climb the road with your hands and feet, holding to tree roots, parts of rocks, being careful sometimes because it’s slippery (either wet or full of moss).

    Finally we stopped on a wooden bridge next to a waterfall. It was magical: the sound of birds singing, the waterfall running, the smell of pine trees mixed with lemon-scented tea trees, the feel of the breeze under the burning sun, the clear blue sky with not a single cloud, the view of the tracks all the way down next to the Dove Lake.

    We didn’t go further up to Lake Wilks because the path was getting too narrow, so we went back down, went through the Ballroom Forest and walked all the way to the boatshed where we had a final break, hesitating a lot about having a swim in our undies as we didn’t get any swimsuit. The water was warm compared to the cold ones we tried in Freycinet or Spring Beach.

    I took a hundred pictures, it was stunning, the different perspectives you get when going around the lake, nature, fresh air, the crystal clear water and the track is very well made so it’s easy to walk.

    I felt really grateful for being able to spend the day there. Cradle Mountain had an influence on me all day long. I felt full of love and compassion; I felt energetic and couldn’t sleep until 2AM because I was still too excited and happy!

    So in a word, even if I really want people to know that there’s much more in Tasmania to discover and I really enjoyed everywhere I’ve been so far, I have to admit: Yes, Cradle Mountain is as special as they say and as spectacular as you imagine.


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