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  • This post has nothing to do with Australia, except that it was shot in Stowport, Tasmania. But I’ve been missing dancing for a while and after 7 years of dance covering every month and having shows and contests every 2/3 months, I felt pretty down because of I wasn’t doing anything related to it anymore.

    But two days ago one of my friend helped reboosting me so I’ve learnt this choreo; I wanted to cover it when it came out last summer but my team was not really motivated, I was preparing for Australia and bunch-of-bad-excuses. 

    So anyway, I learned it yesterday in an hour and took an hour today to rehearse it a bit and shoot the video. It’s not really good, but it made me feel better I want to do cover dancing again, it’s still a part of me.

    I hope you’ll enjoy it anyway :)

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