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  • Sheep shearing and news from Brockley!

    Well, I’m pretty late on the update so here what happened lately:

    Nami left Brockley for Hobart to do another Helpx and a new guy came instead. Things didn’t go well as he was pretty arrogant and rude, I didn’t like him at all but thanks God he was doing at least a good job when asked.

    I’ve been doing a lot of painting in the cottage, gardening, still helping with guests (but bushfires affected the business badly…), I became a professional at the whippersnipper, and I also learned to shear a sheep! Yes. Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen : Me, the city girl in fancy red slim pants and 15cm heels who like to drink rosé wine in Paris on Saturday night, I freakin’ sheared a sheep! Don’t get the wrong idea, I asked to do it and guess what? Even if I was a bit scared to try, I did better than expected!


    In fact the razor thing is heavy and it’s kind of hard to hold it still because it’s vibrating so much (oow, come on you dirty mind I’m doing the farmer talk here!!). I had no fear of the sheep in itself, when it was kicking and moving around I just listened to the shearer and placed my knees and legs accordingly so that it wouldn’t move anymore. It’s a bit tricky to go close to the skin to cut the wool off and not harm the sheep. The poor thing got a cut on the leg…nothing serious but I was a bit upset “I cut the sheeeeeep, oh my Gooood I cut the SHEEEEEP!!!” which gave a good laugh to the shearers. Then the sheep pooped on my shoe and I didn’t feel that sorry for it… The shearers were extremely friendly and patient, they love talking and sharing about their job and they told me I could come and help if I want to change job! Always good to know :p


    On the same week, I spent the day off with a dear friend, Dani, who spoiled me as I was sleeping over at her place. We had a great time at the beach with her dogs, had a drink and then watch a movie before going to bed. It was as relaxing as spending the weekend at Grandma’s. Except that I’ve never done it before as my Grandma was living with us xD 

    I still love Tasmania and Brockley, the weather is nice but luckily not too hot, I now have the Helpers’ cottage for myself and some exciting projects for the next few months that i have yet to finish preparing! 


    Yes, all the crap you can see here is mine only…Shh!