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  • Getting to Stowport

    Two days ago, after having diner at the roadhouse while wearing wigs to match our naruto mood and taking a lot of funny pictures, we headed to Burnie in North West Tasmania with Dani and Nami. It took us 4 hours to get there, we stopped by the Gunns Plains Caves for a visit…which never happened because I got too scared of being stucked underground in the dark. Yeah, I don’t really like narrow dark places…


    On the way, Dani bought us some L&P, it tastes a bit like ginger beer (and i fr*king love ginger beer) and the brand is very popular in New Zealand and I bought myself a Lammington. My new favourite Aussie pastry xD

    We finally arrived in Stowport. Nami’s hosts are very good friends with mine, and they’re only 3.5Km apart! I met my new hosts, a very gentle couple with a huuuuge garden, they even have a forest in the back yard…pretty impressive….and a promising amount of work! 

    Some pictures coming soon but the landscape in the North is much greener, even though they say it’s still dry for the season. A different feeling but as beautiful as the South to me!

  • Burnie’s penguins and Emu Valley Garden

    On our first night, my hosts offered to get Nami and took us to Burnie. The city is a 10min-ish drive from Stowport, with red cellophane on our flashlights…to see the locals Blue Penguins! We had a little presentation first, made by volunteers then could see the penguins coming back to their burrow like 1m away from us.

    We can only use red light to see them, otherwise it hurts their eyes. They’re really small and the “fur” is very soft (we took a photo with a stuffed one). 


    The next day, after cleaning the house, I went to the Emu Valley Rhododendron garden: a 22 acres garden hold and taken care by volunteers. You have a lot of different sections, representing a part of the world with its typical flora. That’s why they call the walk around the garden “Around the world in 80 minutes”. My favourite part was the Japanese garden of course, it gave me a teaser of what I’ll be able to see soon (ohohoh yes I’m going to Japan in April, how f**king awesome is that? xD). Sadly it would have been better to come during Spring time when all the flowers are blossoming.


    After the walk i had a Devonshire tea, that’s to say: soft scones with jam and cream with tea. Homemade scones and rasperry jam, it was awesome, i love discovering new food *o*


    I’ve updated the photo album, and tomorrow I’ll talk to you about Burnie and how I bought paper made of kangaroo Poo! (True Story)

  • Burnie, Penguin and Latrobe.

    Burnie is known for being a Paper Town. Not that it is made of paper but there’s a huge mill where they used to produce paper and sell it all around the world. The factory got closed in 2010 but you can still see it even though most of it has been destroyed. All around the city you can see the words “Paper” with a little history, the information center is decorated with statues made of paper, and the funny thing you can find and buy there is paper made out of poo!


    Don’t freak out, it’s animal poo and no, it does not smell anything. You can find kangaroo poo paper, wombat poo paper, apple paper, denim paper…all sorts of things, and same goes for the envelopes! I bought some to write to my family and friend, along with those typical tourist magnets.


    On the day we went to Cradle Mountain we also stopped by Sheffield, small town known for its murals all over. I didn’t get any picture sadly because I was sleepy in the car on the way back but Google it to have a look.


    Today, we went to the Penguin Market. No, it’s not a zoo where you can see penguins. The town itself is called Penguin. The market is covered and quite big. You can find all sorts of things, from second hand, antiques to handmade soaps, jewelry, stones, food and live band playing. I found a wonderful Sherlock Holmes book /Detective game from 1982 for less than 10$, bought some speckles, and found some Doctor Who books that I didn’t buy. Only because I have to save money for Japan and can’t transport it in my backpack…Hem.


    After Penguin, we went to Latrobe, capital of platypus, to a shop called Reliquaire. This shop is amazing, a real attraction in itself! The staff is dressed with fairy or nutcracker costumes, they give you a map of the shop when you enter and you have props, objects, expensive collection dolls, statues, jewelry, stuffs and stuffs e-very-where. It’s like being in the Tiger cave in Aladdin! They separated each room by theme; I loved the costumes section but went crazy in the Doctor Who section. Yes, they had a room dedicated to Doctor Who’s goodies, with a TARDIS as big as me, the music from the old seasons playing, a TARDIS bin that made sound when you open it, the action figures, the Lego figurines, the screwdrivers, the key rings, magnets,…*sigh*



    The sad thing is you can’t take pictures in the shop, it’s forbidden so you just have to go and remember it but I never ever saw a shop like this, so if you get the chance, stop by Reliquaire!


    Photo album here!