• Burnie’s penguins and Emu Valley Garden

    On our first night, my hosts offered to get Nami and took us to Burnie. The city is a 10min-ish drive from Stowport, with red cellophane on our flashlights…to see the locals Blue Penguins! We had a little presentation first, made by volunteers then could see the penguins coming back to their burrow like 1m away from us.

    We can only use red light to see them, otherwise it hurts their eyes. They’re really small and the “fur” is very soft (we took a photo with a stuffed one). 


    The next day, after cleaning the house, I went to the Emu Valley Rhododendron garden: a 22 acres garden hold and taken care by volunteers. You have a lot of different sections, representing a part of the world with its typical flora. That’s why they call the walk around the garden “Around the world in 80 minutes”. My favourite part was the Japanese garden of course, it gave me a teaser of what I’ll be able to see soon (ohohoh yes I’m going to Japan in April, how f**king awesome is that? xD). Sadly it would have been better to come during Spring time when all the flowers are blossoming.


    After the walk i had a Devonshire tea, that’s to say: soft scones with jam and cream with tea. Homemade scones and rasperry jam, it was awesome, i love discovering new food *o*


    I’ve updated the photo album, and tomorrow I’ll talk to you about Burnie and how I bought paper made of kangaroo Poo! (True Story)