• Getting to Stowport

    Two days ago, after having diner at the roadhouse while wearing wigs to match our naruto mood and taking a lot of funny pictures, we headed to Burnie in North West Tasmania with Dani and Nami. It took us 4 hours to get there, we stopped by the Gunns Plains Caves for a visit…which never happened because I got too scared of being stucked underground in the dark. Yeah, I don’t really like narrow dark places…

    On the way, Dani bought us some L&P, it tastes a bit like ginger beer (and i fr*king love ginger beer) and the brand is very popular in New Zealand and I bought myself a Lammington. My new favourite Aussie pastry xD

    We finally arrived in Stowport. Nami’s hosts are very good friends with mine, and they’re only 3.5Km apart! I met my new hosts, a very gentle couple with a huuuuge garden, they even have a forest in the back yard…pretty impressive….and a promising amount of work! 

    Some pictures coming soon but the landscape in the North is much greener, even though they say it’s still dry for the season. A different feeling but as beautiful as the South to me!