• Leaving Brockley

    Tomorrow is my last day in Brockley before I head to Burnie, where my new host is, for the next two weeks. I know I’m a bit late on my updates, I still have to tell you about the Fractangular Festival for example, but that will come a bit later. I promise. Well, I’ll try my best to do it.

    Truth is my good friend Mami Dani offered to drive us to Burnie, as Manami’s next job will be in the same area as me. I’m really happy to travel with my friends, it makes you fell less lonely and you can still enjoy their company a little more.

    I’m sad about leaving Brockley though. Those two months went by in a blink of an eye, I never really knew what the date was, and it doesn’t feel like two months. I miss the days with Teddy, as he’s back in France, and I made extraordinary memories here. I’m really grateful to Mr and Mrs Robb as they taught me about so many things I never heard about: hospitality, gardening, farming with Greg (how epic was that shearing!). I’ll miss the place, I truly think it’s a special one to be: having a ciggie looking at the Milky Way while the wallabies are jumping around and the possums are screaming, walking around with 30 chickens following me, seeing my friends on days off to visit some amazing places, learning about different cultures, meeting new people, having fish and chips at the Roadhouse after a day of driving around with Manami and Teddy, the crazy chicken which was jumping on your shoulder every morning (cooler than having a parrot, huh!), learning bellydancing and discovering Parlé Prod with Madii, planning for a convention in August in Melbourne (yeah I’m a planning freak, so this makes me happy as well xD)…

    You can’t stay forever when you’re a traveler, it’s part of the deal but I’m happy I was so lucky to meet all those people. It feels like finding a family in Tasmania. I hope I can meet everyone again soon. Well, truth be told I know exactly when I’ll be meeting some of them but it would have been nice to travel a bit longer with all of them. 

    Anyway, I made a little video with some of the memories we’ve made, Brockley have become really special to me, maybe you could feel how nice it was when watching it. It’s so far my best Aussie experience, let’s hope it’s not the last :)