• London _ Victoria & Albert Museum

    This day, after having coffee at Earl’s court and snapping pictures with the TARDIS, my friend Myv and I decided to stop by the Victoria & Albert Museum, also known as V&A. 

    It’s no secret that we are big kids so we decided to take pictures of the free exhibit (yes, my fellow broke friend, it’s freeeeee) with Olaf and Meeko instead of us. Just because we can. 




    We wanted to visit the Club to Catwalk part but obviously this part was not free as it’s a temporary one… Like I cared anyway…*sigh* But, around this part there’s a free exhibit about 1880’s costumes, man, women, children… Should be even more interesting for the fashionistas.

    And a small window with some Vivienne, Gaultier and Galliano.


    You shall not visit!!…..Unless you pay.

    I especially like those huge monuments inside the museum, all made of ….plaster….PLASTER! I know it’s quite impressive still, but come on, I felt disappointed. You liar!



    Yup, it’s plaster. Not stone, plaster!

    My favourite area though was the one dedicated to theatre, costumes, scenery, scripts, you could find costumes form musicals like the Lion King, or singers like Mick Jagger, and I found my favourite gown: The Viking Cabaret costume!!


    How awesome is that?!

    There’s also a cute little installation in the patio that is inspired by chinese/japanese garden, with a lot of tiny details you can’t spot from afar. It’s quite big, you can walk around it and enjoy all the details here and there. I believe it’s also temporary. And it would look better with a bit of sun. Hem.


    Full Album photo of Meeko and Olaf here.

  • Whovians spotted!

    Some of you might already know this but I’ve been staying in London for about 3 weeks now, and here’s a little geeky update for my fellow whovians.

    Thanks to a friend I learned the existence of the so-called TARDIS at earl’s court station. Turns out it’s a genuine Police box, like the ones you could find all around London instead of Telephone box. That’s why the design is a bit different from the TARDIS we know, the light on the top for example is really large.

    As it is quite dusty, some fans wrote “Bad Wolf” everywhere on it it’s always nice to find those message from fellow fans, hehe like we have a secret code or something. Anyway, i’ll post a photo of what the police boxes look like nowadays in comparison to this one, and let you enjoy the photos. 

    Full album photo here.

  • We’ve been working on Yat-Tus Prod with a friend for couple of month now while I’m preparing everything to go and settle in London. 

    This is our latest work: a review and a parody of The Hobbit 2 : Desolation of Smaug. As fan of the book and BIG fans of Kili and Fili we felt frustrated and a bit disappointed with some aspects of the movie and decided to do a funny little skit about it. We included Legolas, Thranduil the Swagtastic and of course the inevitable Kiliel!

    We hope fans will understand and have fun watching it, we were a bit nervous that netizens might try to kill us for not worshipping everything the movie presented….

    Anywho, please tell us how you like it and share if you had a laugh or two :)

  • Uta no Prince-sama (うたの☆プリンスさまっ) - Maji Love 2000%


  • smakdanceteam:

    It’s been almost three years since we dance along with our friend Fullmoon. Last time SMAK wasn’t created and we were still part of Tr4ksPPA, the association where we met!

    We were supposed to shoot and upload the video a month ago: costumes and routine were ready but Fullmoon was very busy so it’s coming only now. 

    It’s sexier than the usual covers, specially due to Fullmoon kehehe but still we hope you’ll like it! Bloopies are coming soon, it might be a serious choreo but we had tons of laugh and fun during practice and shooting! 

    We’ll keep you posted so stay tuned! ~~

  • Tokyo_Akihabara

    I’ve just realized I never took the time to make an article about this emblematic distric…Shame on me…

    I saved the visit of Akihabara, also called Akiba, for the last week of my stay in Japan as I knew VERY well that I would just spend an insane amount of time and money there. It is famous for its Electric Town, and every shop you want concerning goodies, anime, cosplay,etc. And you can also see the idols of AKB48 everywhere, but that’s only logical.


    I fell in love with the Donki, 7 levels tall building, each one filled with clothes, beauty products, things you don’t need but that you will want to buy anyway, it was like discovering the Tiger Cave in Aladdin. I found a funny sponge jumpsuit, there were many different ones with Hello kitty, Stitch, Chip & Dale, etc but the one I chose has a priceless face (I suppose it’s a character from a japanese cartoon):


    Some buildings of the district are entirely dedicated to costumes (school girls mostly, he). As I was alone, I was not brave enough to enter…but you can find anything in Donki anyway…Except that they didn’t have my size…like I care…..*roll on the floor crying*



    I found Kotobukiya though. A well-known shop with awesome goodies and I bought the most eccentric cranky japanese thing I saw : the dream cushion of Ren, from the anime Uta no Prince-sama! It made me laugh so hard, I mean where else could you find something like that? It’s a bit expensive but damn iit I have no regret. Buying the matching bedsheet would have been a bit too much though…But please, let’s take a moment to fully appreciate this baby :


    Oh yes I did! Note that they sell only the cushion cover, you have to either buy a L-shape cushion or sew one yourself. Or I suppose you can just keep it folded in the box….or hang it on the wall…. Anyway, I sew a cushion myself and  it’s a damn confortable one. I don’t sleep holding Ren in my arms, don’t freak out….but my cat does. Sometimes she even sleeps on his face. Fair enough.


    Hem, anywho, here’s the way overdue photo album.

  • hidekass:

    But you see, in the end


    every rose wilts


    everyone leaves


    everyone forgets


    every pond dries


    and every song ends


  • Tokyo_Daily random facts

    I know, I’m pretty late on the blog, I’m so sorry about that guys, so here’s a list of funny things I found in Japan:

    - Masks: It’s not a myth, I saw people wearing them everyday riding the metro. Friends told me it’s either because they’re sick, they don’t want to get near other people’s germs or they sometimes just wanna hide themselves in order not to be disturbed. You can even find vending machines in the toilets to buy some!


    - Toilets: those high-tech toilets with included remotes are wonderful, you can get warm water to clean you, you heat the seat, you can put a fake flushing sound if you don’t want people to hear you doing your business, etc. We should get some of these babies!


    - Vending machines: They are everywhere, either it’s drink or tobacco. usually people don’t drink while walking, they buy the drink, have it next to the machine and toss it before leaving. You can have either cold or hot drinks for about 150JPY. Plus I found some DBZ cans, I have to get one or two….

    - Metro: It’s a nightmare in Tokyo, the system is quite complicated because you ahve different companies owning different lines, then you pay a different price depending on which line you’re taking, don’t forget to charge your pass by the way (it’s quite expensive), and sometimes to get to one line to the other you have to walk outside to find the next entrance….Pretty confusing, but luckily every sign is written in English, that helps a lot!


    - Size: The good surprise was that Japanese clothes and shoes can fit the big European that I am! I’m not talking about pants (obviously my thighs are too big) of even underwear (obviously I have boobs…Alright, even in Europe I have big boobs). But!! I could find clothes in free size, L size, and concerning the shoes I’m a 39 (I’m tall but with small feet) and this is the bigest size they have in Japan but they call it “LL”.

    - Schoolgirls hobby: One of the biggest trend was taking the “Kamehameha pictures” where one person is standing still and the others jump as if they were hit, we did our own during a BBQ on Kids’ Day. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that last week was Golden week by the way!


    - Idols: I’m not talking about Jpop idols that I love, because obviously they are way less popular than few years ago. No. Oh no. I’m talking about the new kind of idols that are booming in Japan: the Anime idols. Or “how  not-really-good-looking voice actors who can really sing become popular among girls”. I started to watch Uta no Prince-Sama because one of my friend was SO into it, out of curiosity. Now i’m doomed. It’s so cheesy and cliché that i found it awesomely funny, and the music and dancing are indeed catchy! But it also makes me sad for the real idols… the anime CD is twice more expensive than the KAT-TUN CD that I bought!!! T__T I mean come on, they’re even doing live concerts!!!!!


  • Tokyo_ Todai and Love Hina

    Tokyo Daigaku, aka Todai, is the most famous japanese university as it is considered the most prestigious one. The manga that made it popular for us otakus was Love Hina.

    Todai is really huge, with a lot of different buildings everywhere. You’d think that you have the main building right beside the gate but actually you ahve to walk through an alley. It looked a lot like the british architecture.

    The main building was more like a square where everyone can come and have lunch, some highschool students were taking pictures, a couple of old ladies were sitting under the tree chatting, it was peaceful and cheerful but it had nothing to do with the uni vibes I had in France. Actually it didn’t really feel like being on a campus…

    On my way to the uni I managed to get lost in the district behind it, I walked in a bunch of streets, pretending to know exactly where I was going when the postman looked at me suspiciously, and finally ended in a temple where a tiny festival was held! Maybe it was the shrine where Naru and Keitaro went to pray….maybe it has nothing to do with it, who knows? 

    Looks like it though, don’t you think? 

    Photo album here.