• What’s Sunild’OZ?

    A lot of people have been asking about the name I chose for the blog. It’s a sort of private joke.

    One year for Halloween, we decided to organize a party on the Pirates theme. With a group of friends we created our own characters: Pirates Captain, very different in style and origins. Mine was a red-haired Viking, called Sunilda Ska Svenja. (Meaning more or less “Daughter of the Sun”)

    Few years later I decided to go on adventure, a real one, on my own. I worked hard, saved money and when everybody had a doubt about it, I finally made it. I went to Australia for a Working Holiday year with only a backpack and lived my dream for real. Because that’s what Sunilda does. And Sunilda was now in Oz. Plus, I saw the Wizard of Oz in Oz. As you can see, that’s a complex case of Oz-ception!

    So basically that’s the story of this blog! I’m French from Reunion Island, I’m a bit of a geek and I have a passion for animes, dramas, video games, Jpop/Kpop, or in general for Japan and Korea (yes, I’m talking about South Korea…).

    I love to dance, I’m an original and I believe in making my dreams come true.